Mission & Vision
Implementing a Vision
For almost four decades Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur has been the light house for all those seeking wisdom through higher education. Established in 1966, it has not looked back. The University which has more than 350 affiliated colleges spread over 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh and more than 4.5 lakh students on its roll is truly one of the largest universities of Asia catering to both urban and rural students offering unparallel range of courses both professional and academic in all disciplines of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Applications, Management and Medicine are offered in affiliated colleges and institutions.
Spread over a sprawling campus of 265 acres the university has many prestigious professional and job oriented institutes on its campus, giving it an incomparable academic ambience. The campus has more than three dozen most modern and socially relevant courses. It has the crown jewels - The Institute of Engineering and Technology, The Institute of Business Management, The Institute of Life Sciences, Bioscience and biotechnology, department of Paramedical Sciences, Mass Communication and Journalism, Master of Social Works, MCA, Department of Library and Information Science.
Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University has also acquired adequate financial resources to build the necessary infrastructure for its new academic ventures. The campus is now dotted with institutes, colleges, university departments and UGC Cell. There is going to be inter connectivity in all the university departments and in all the affiliated colleges soon. This will improve communication, facilitate research and problem - solving, giving both teachers and students access to all information they need at the click of the mouse.
The campus is now dotted with architectural marvels aesthetically designed structure, laboratories equipped with the latest and most sophisticated gadgets to carry out research in the twenty first century.
In an effort to cater to the students needs at par with global demands, the university is utilizing its special facilities to offer courses such as M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Micro-biology, which can enable committed scholars to make a mark for themselves in teaching and research in the fields of Bio-chemistry, Tissue-culture, Genetic Engineering, Environmental Management, Molecular Biology and Immunology - a formidable away of prospects for the earnest seeker.
The Institute of Engineering and Technology of the University has been growing with quick pace. It offers the B.Tech degree in all six branches of Engineering viz. Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Information Technology all of which are taught by highly experienced and committed faculty. The four - year Bachelors programme in technology has caught the fancy of the industry, which has accepted a number of students of the institute.
The Institute of Business Management is one of the most prestigious institute providing lucrative career to its successful candidates. It offers MBA Programme (2 years full time), MBA (3 years part time), BBA (3 years full time), Master in Tourism Management (2 years full time), Ph.D. Programme in Management. To cater the growing need of Industries the Institute has also stated specialized programmes in the field of Management namely MBA (Finance and Control), MBA (Business Economics) and MBA (Tourism Management). To meet the needs of all sections of society CSJM University has successfully launched new most modern and socially relevant courses such as Dental College, Para Medical Bachelors and Diploma Course, B.P.Ed. and M.P.Ed., Bachelor of mass Communication and Journalism, Master of Social Work, Department of Music and Drawing and Painting.
The University has been keenly alive to the need of introducing qualitative changes in its character during the past nine years it has gradually evolved into a distinctive teaching and research centre. The Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur is fast endeavoring to evolve itself as a Model University. The approach is based on a three pronged emphasis on the needs and aspiration of the students both rural and urban, the type of courses to be offered and a clear vision to implement it successfully.
The University has offered the socially relevant, professional, technical and job oriented courses with quality and standard that meets global requirements. The most distinguished feature of the university campus is that each department is committed to strive a centre of excellence, encouraging research publications and projects reflecting original thought based on authentic work.
The University has been endeavoring to improve and upgrade teaching facilities in its constituent and affiliated colleges. The teachers are encouraged to join orientation and research centres. The College Development Council has been doing useful work by providing facilities to the colleges for procuring U.G.C.’s assistance for the developmental activities and research for teachers including Minor and Major Research Projects.
The establishment of a new digital central library has fulfilled the much felt need of providing a reference centre. Apart from a large number of books, journals, periodicals, encyclopedias it has recently access to 5000 journals (Infonet), 12000 -J Gate Journals, 5 lakh articles -e gate, 1000 books free on live - a rare facility to scholars and researchers.
The University administration has been conscious of the social and cultural commitments as well. The establishment of Master of Social Work is a step in this direction. The University already has department of English, Department of Education (B.Ed., and M.Ed.) and the department of Adult and Continuing Education.
During the last few years, the university has carved a niche for itself as a quality teaching and research institution. A number of scholars of various departments have carved reputation as producing quality research papers in National and International Conferences. The University teachers are also working on Research Projects of UGC, CSIR, ICMR, ICCR, DST etc. The university frequently organize and high level conferences, seminars and symposia in different faculties. The university has a well developed computer centre with a number of computers equipped with latest technology for helping academic and administrative wing of the university.
Today this prestigious university is globally competitive with the best infrastructure available for those who are honest towards academics. The University can easily claim to be in the field of modern educational standards at par with any university in India. Today Chatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University vaunts of its magnificent buildings beautiful lawns, massive helipad, pollution free green campus with rich bio-diversity. This university has opened up its doors to the entire world and soon one will find score of students from different parts of the world enjoying zephyr career on the lust green lawns who have come all the way to pursue higher studies.
For a university that was burdened with a Rs.4 crore debt in 1994, this sea change from poverty to prosperity is almost miraculous. From its own resources the university is establishing new buildings, laboratories, library and other infra structural facilities every year.
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